Ep. 106 — Tax reform! #@$* is getting real.

On today’s show: 

Tax reform breakdown! Because #@$* is getting real and we should all get woke about what our lawmakers are cooking up over there in DC and how it will impact our lives.

Listener “Mrs. Newlywed” has a question about managing her budget and bills with her new husbae.  We have a few suggestions. 

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Ep. 105 — Bitcoin Mania and Business Bank Accounts

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Ep. 104 — Tis the Season for Debt

On today’s show:

Tiffany’s epic travels continue

We talk Black Friday don’ts

Anonymous listener “Shonda” wants to know whether or not she should move forward with a voluntary repossession of her car. 

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Ep. 103 – Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington

One of our all-star guests is back on the show! Patrice Washington, America’s money maven, author, speaker and new podcast host joins us to talk about the last two years. She gets real about the moment in her kitchen that changed the trajectory of her business two years ago and opens up about her new philosophy about managing career, marriage, and motherhood all at once. 

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Ep. 102: Back By Popular Demand

We’re back after a brief absence (!) as Tiffany took an epic adventure to Aussieland. 

On today’s show: 


  • Tiffany’s Australia trip wrap-up, including spending time with the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Mandi’s half marathon win 
  • Tax reform! The GOP’s new tax reform plan is out. We’ll touch on how it might impact your wallet. To see a full summary of what the tax bill entails check out this MagnifyMoney guide.
  • It’s Open Enrollment season and time for millions to choose a new health plan! Here’s the Obamacare plan comparison tool Tiffany talked about on the show: PolicyGenius


  • Tiffany takes a break from American Airlines
  • Mandi boosts Internet banks like Ally, which have the best rates for savings accounts. 


  • Listener Kai wants to know: Does it matter whether my statement balance or total balance on my credit card? 
  • Listener Vee wants to know: When I’m done saving for emergencies what comes next? 


  • Tiffany’s big Plutus Award win!
  • Mandi’s shoutout to the employee who raised her hand and asked for a performance review off the normal review schedule at her company. 

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