Ep. 61 — That Time We Decided to Eat Our Feelings (aka Election 2016)

Group hug everyone. 


Mandi & Tiffany 

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Ep. 60 — Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em…How to Start Investing!

Everyone knows investing is a key component of a healthy financial life….but how the heck are you supposed to get started when you A) have no idea what you’re doing and B) can hardly make ends meet as it is? 

On today’s show, we’re joined by Eric Parker, founder of the Black Market Exchange, a financial education website empowering millennials to get in the investing game. 


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Ep. 59 — Next Stop…Bankruptcy?

Have a question for us? Head to brownambitionpodcast.com.

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Ep. 58 — All About that D(ebt)

BA Fam — You have asked for it and we are delivering! We want to answer your toughest questions on debt for an upcoming series on the podcast.

Here are the topics we’re covering:

Relationships & Debt

Paying off credit debt

Debt vs. Savings

Student Loan Debt payoff strategies

Debt recovery — how to bounce back

Submit a question at brownambitionpodcast.com (just let us know if you want to remain anonymous)



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Ep. 57 — Guess Who Put a Ring on It

(Also: Did I Just Sign Up for a Student Loan Scam?)

We’ve missed you BA Fam! We are back this week with a fresh episode and trust us…we are making up for lost time in BIG way.

First *drumroll please* one of us has a personal update we’ve all been waiting for….find out in the first 5 minutes of this week’s show. We’ve got a feeling no one saw it happening like this.

Then we catch up on all the latest headlines, from Solange’s new album to FLOTUS’ legendary NYT cover story to the latest Election drama (can we just fast forward to Nov. 9th already? Please and thank you?)

Finally, we are taking YOUR questions on today’s show. Have a question for us? Go to brownambitionpodcast.com to ask us anything.

One listener is worried she signed up for a student loan payment scam. Mandi does a little digging to find out what she’s really paying for.

And lastly, another listener is worried she isn’t cut out for her job and is considering quitting and going back to grad school. Is it worth the risk or should she stick it out? You don’t want to miss Tiffany’s answer on this one.

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