Ep. 63 — Tiffany Gets “Real”, Mandi is in India (What?!) and Brown Santa Is a Lie

We’re back! And you do not want to miss this show, y’all. We just went international.

On today’s jam-packed show: 

-How to deal with the mania of Christmas and holiday shopping when you have kids

-Mandi reveals the BEST travel rewards credit card on the market right now. Can you say “100,000 bonus miles”? 

-The pros and cons of leasing a car

-Tiffany’s big cameo on The Real has aired!

See her in action on the show right here > 


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Ep. 62 — Wedding Dresses, New Cars, and a BIG Move

We cover a LOT of ground today, BA Fam. You do not want to miss this ep!

Here’s just a sample: 

-Mandi spills the beans on how she and fiance boo saved a bundle on their new car AND got an amazingly low auto loan rate….AND found a sweet new apartment all in one week. 

-Tiffany shares her rules for working with friends

-Mandi FINALLY gets her wedding dress…and manages to save $400!

-Tiffany and Mandi share tips on how to split gifts for the holidays


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are so grateful for your love and support. Don’t forget to send us love by leaving us a review or sending us a note at brownambitionpodcast.com. 


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Ep. 61 — That Time We Decided to Eat Our Feelings (aka Election 2016)

Group hug everyone. 


Mandi & Tiffany 

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Ep. 60 — Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em…How to Start Investing!

Everyone knows investing is a key component of a healthy financial life….but how the heck are you supposed to get started when you A) have no idea what you’re doing and B) can hardly make ends meet as it is? 

On today’s show, we’re joined by Eric Parker, founder of the Black Market Exchange, a financial education website empowering millennials to get in the investing game. 


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Ep. 59 — Next Stop…Bankruptcy?

Have a question for us? Head to brownambitionpodcast.com.

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