Ep. 94 — Hump Day Goals

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Ep. 93 — So…I Hate My Job! What Do I Do Now?

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Ep. 92 — The Student Debt Show of Your Dreams ft. Financial Aid Expert Angela Howze

It’s finally here, BA Fam! A show entirely dedicated to YOUR questions about student loan debt. 

We are joined by Angela Howze, a financial aid expert and owner of the Financial Literacy Institute, a nonprofit company that aims to help students and their families plan and pay for college without drowning in debt.ind, you can change your money, and you can change your life.”

Here are some of the topics we cover on today’s show:

  • How do I catch up on loans when I’m 3-6 months behind on payments? (i.e. Student Loan Rehabilitation)
  • Can I defer my loan more than once?
  • The key to qualifying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness ? enrolling in an income-driven repayment plan.
  • The future of Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Qualifying jobs for PSLF
  • Fixed rate vs. variable rate student loans
  • How to pay for grad school
  • What happens when your college says you owe a debt for unpaid tuition?
  • How Tiffany REALLY got her federal student loan forgiven
  • How to save an additional 15% off your student loan debt if you can make a lump sum payment

To find a list of resources mentioned on the show, check out this Google Doc link > 

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Ep. 91: When You Have To Be Your Own Best Advocate

If there’s one thing we’ve taken away from the past weekend’s sad events in Charlottesville, it’s the need to continue to call it like we see it ? whether that “it” is racism, bigotry, sexism, terrorism, or any targeted attack on a certain group of people. 

We’ve all got eyes, hearts, and lives of our own. And they can’t tell us what we are seeing, feeling and experiencing isn’t real. 

On today’s show, we also discuss the importance of being your own self advocate in your life and especially in your career ? even if it feels like the most uncomfortable thing in the world. 

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Mandi & Tiffany

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Ep. 90 — Find Your Travel Tribe

Evita Robinson, Founder of the Nomadness Travel Tribe, joins the show to talk about how she created the company from scratch at the forefront of the black millennial travel movement, her plans to grow and how she deals with her competitors. 

This episode originally aired June 27.

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