Ep. 54 — Hot for Teacher

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On this week’s show: 

BA Anniversary dinner recap! 

Tiffany and Mandi weigh in on the teacher from Georgia whose envelope-pushing ensembles have everyone talking. 

Tiffany shares tips on how to qualify for student loan debt forgiveness. For more details, check out this in-depth article with more tips > 

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Ep. 53 — So, You Wanna Be CEO?

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On Today’s show: 

What does it really take to become CEO? We’ve got the results of a new LinkedIn study that reveals exactly what you need to do to have the best shot at a spot at the top of the office food chain. 

We also take a question from single mom “Kim” who earns $92,000 and still feels like she’s broke. 




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Ep. 52 — Burning Questions Answered : Wedding gift etiquette and do you really need travel health insurance?

Happy Brown Ambition Tuesday!

We’ve got a packed show for today:


Lena Dunham. Why? Just why?
The Black-Owned Bank Movement everyone’s talking about


What’s the right amount to give at weddings?
Do you really need travel health insurance?

Tifffany’s book selection for this week: “The Gatekeepers are Gone” by Lamar Tyler
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Ep. 51 — Drugstore Drama

We can hardly believe it, BA Fam…the Brown Ambition podcast is turning 1! To celebrate our pending anniversary, we’re hosting an epic contest and treating a whole group of lucky listeners to a special evening with us ? your hosts! Win a Night of Dinner + Drinks with Mandi and Tiffany! To enter, send an email tobrownambitionpodcast@gmail.com and answer this question: What does Brown Ambition mean to you personally, whether in your personal life or your career? This is a shot to tell us why you are proud to be part of the #BrownAmbition family. Submissions are Due by Sept. 1 and winners will be notified by September 4th.


The dinner will be hosted in Manhattan on the evening of Friday S

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Ep. 50 — Awesomely Luvvie

Today’s guest needs no introduction but we gon’ give her one anyway!
Luvvie Ajayi has turned her hilarious pop culture blog AwesomelyLuvvie.com into a media sensation. For the last 13 years she bas been cracking up the Interwebs with her bitingly funny and whip smart takes on celebrity, TV, film, technology, politics and more. This year, the self-proclaimed “professional troublemaker” caught the eye of none other than Oprah Winfrey herself, who included Luvvie on her first annual Super Soul 100 list.

This September, Luvvie is releasing her first book, “I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do-Better Manual”. Pre-order it on Amazon or wherever books are sold.
Luvvie AJayi


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