Ep 228 – Want to Retire by 40? Meet Christina & Amon of “Our Rich Journey”

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Ep 228 – Want to Retire by 40? Meet Christina & Amon of “Our Rich Journey”

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Amon and Christina were both government employees and parents of two kids. Through smart investing and a whole lot of hustle they were able to retire BEFORE AGE 40. Now they help other people pursue FIRE (Financial Independence, Early Retirement) on their YouTube channel, Our Rich Journey. In this episode you’ll learn…

  • how IKEA can be a gold mine for smart flippers
  • ways to increase your savings without giving up everything you love
  • why sometimes the smart thing in the stock market is the OPPOSITE of what lots of other people are doing (hint: we’ve told you this before!)

We really loved having Amon and Christina on the show, and we’re interested in who you might want us to invite on the show. Send your suggestions (along with your money questions) to brownambitionpodcast@gmail.com or hit us up on Instagram @brownambitionpodcast


Our Rich Journey

Our Rich Journey Junior

NY Times article about the lack of diversity in the FIRE movement

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