Mandi’s building a she shed (2:38), we honor the life of our King T’Challa (6:34), and Tiffany has an update on her home appraisal fiasco (28:43). At it’s core, our goal with this show is to give y’all knowledge to empower yourselves. This is stuff lots of powerful people have a vested interest in us not knowing. The revolution is to play their game and play it for YOURSELF (26:45).

And the questions we’re answering this week focus on podcasting! We feel like we’ve done pretty okay at the whole podcasting thing, so we thought we’d answer some questions from folks about how our podcast is made and how other people might go about making one of their own.

  • (42:55) – How do you get your podcast on Apple Podcasts?
  • Libsyn – for podcast hosting
  • iTunes Connect – for getting your show on Apple Podcasts
  • (45:35) – how much of your conversation gets edited out of your podcast?
  • (49:30) – how much of a time commitment is your show?
  • (50:18) – how long does it take to edit your show?
  • (52:42) – how much did you pay to start your podcast?
  • Canva – for logo and graphics making
  • Audacity – for editing and mixing
  • Blue Yeti – a very common podcasting mic that lots of people (including us!) use
  • (55:13) – how do you get ads?

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