We’re thrilled to bring you another interview this week! We’re joined by Jaspreet Singh of The Minority Mindset. Like Tiffany, Jaspreet’s story started with him falling victim to a scam (19:27). But he didn’t let that stop him and he’s now built The Minority Mindset into a YouTube channel with over 650,000 subscribers, a popular newsletter, and more.

Jaspreet Singh, Founder of The Minority Mindset

Jaspreet has SO much wisdom to share, and we’re all so lucky to learn from him this week. We’ll talk about:

  • What does it mean to have a “minority mindset” (its not what you might think) (11:52)
  • What actually is passive income, and where can we start? (31:20)
  • What’s a stock dividend? (35:24)
  • What’s the right mindset for getting into the stock market? (37:29)
  • And where does Jaspreet go to get educated? (40:22)

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