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On today’s show, the 2020 hits keep on coming. We’re all grieving the death of the Notorious RBG — Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

No one knows for sure what this this means for the future, but we do know that we need y’all to VOTE. Make sure you’re registered, make a plan, and ask your friends to do the same. Presidential elections matter, but your local elections do too. Get informed and do the thing! Here’s how.

We’ve done some amazing interviews these last few weeks. But this week we’re back to answering your questions. Just remember, we’re your financial girlfriends, not your gurus.

  • (20:30) Interest is super low on savings right now, should I take some of my savings out of the bank and put it into investments?
  • (27:10) Should I have a Pre Tax 401k, or a Roth 401k? Is it a good idea to have both?
  • (31:30) I’m 41 years old and I’ve never invested, where should I start?
  • (36:45) I have lots of credit card debt, and a big lump sum of money coming in from a freelance job. How I should I use that money to pay my debt down?

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