The Election is coming up y’all (and no we’re not going to stop talking about it). Do you have a plan to vote? Do you have a plan B? Check out to make sure you’re registered, find ballot drop off locations, and get all the voting information you need. Let’s DO this.

And not to flex, but Tiff was on Good Morning America last week (1:00:38). Its a great segment where she gets to share her story, some basic budgeting tips, and celebrate the HUGE positive impact she’s had for Black and Brown women all over the country. Check it out here.

The questions we cover this week are pretty great too. We’ll cover:

  • (32:36) – what’s the best retirement account for someone who’s only a few years away from retirement?
  • (41:20) – Because of covid, I’ve gotten generous refunds on stipends from my school, what should I do with this extra money sitting in my savings?

To read and learn more, check out the links below:

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