And just like that it’s time for all the holidays! We’ve got Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and even birthday celebrations to plan. Like everything else this year, Covid is making it way too complicated (seems like there are vaccines on the way though! (9:35). We’re making it work thought like we ALWAYS do. So whatever you’re doing this season, please stay happy, safe, and spend some time with people you love. Safely!

We’ve got some great questions from you all this week like:

  • (19:50) How can I make sure I’m not the victim of a racist appraiser?
  • (28:11) What’s your perspective on taking some money out of a savings account and putting it towards stocks or an ETF?
  • (30:47) I have $1,000 left on my car note, I have a o% interest credit card balance transfer at $10,000, and $6,000 on a high interest credit card. I’ve been focusing more on paying down debt during the pandemic. My car loan will be paid off in December and I’m wondering how best to allocate those funds. Should I pay down more debt or save?

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