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We made it past Thanksgiving! We got our Zoom on and did what we could to spend time with our families and stay safe. We’re trying to finish this holiday season safe and get ready for this vaccine that will hopefully be coming soon. In the meantime we’re so excited to hear that a lot of you are taking charge of your mental health by reaching out to our friend Stephanie over at NaviPsych (not a sponsor, we just love her) or otherwise getting into therapy, and we want to send our love to all of you. Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons!

We’ve got some great questions this week like:

  • (21:20) – I have 10k saved for my wedding, but I don’t think we’ll get married for awhile, where should I store this money?
  • (28:50) – Neither of my parents have life insurance or health insurance, and they don’t have any money set aside for retirement. I’m probably going to end up responsible for their care when they can’t work anymore. How can I convince them to start saving?

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