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Happy BA Wednesday y’all. It’s our last episode of 2020! We’re taking a look back at 2020 and talking about the good things that happened for us this year. We’re also taking a look forward at 2021 and talking about what we’re trying to do next year. Last but certainly not least, we’re getting a new stimulus bill (2:45) soon, and we’ll be telling you what is (and isn’t in there).

And because it’s our favorite thing, we’re still answering your questions this week!

  • (35:43) I’m very unhappy in my current job. I have some money in savings and some in a 401k. Should I put my health first and quit my job now? Or should I wait until I secure something else?
  • (41:48) I recently got a new job and lost all the sick time I had saved up. I want to start a family with my partner. I want to spend as much time with my new baby as possible. Should I spend the 6 months expenses I have saved to do that, or should I tough it out and go back to work after maternity leave?

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