We’ve got NEWS! BA has officially joined the Westwood One podcast network (5:43). We’re so excited and grateful for the opportunity they’re giving us to continue growing and reaching more people. A LOT happened while we were gone, so let’s get into it…

What in the world happened with Gamestop? What does it mean to “short” a stock? Did a reddit meme just make a whole bunch of people rich? We’ve got the tea. (11:44)

We’re sure you know about Tiffany’s book by now. Its called Get Good With Money: 10 Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole. And now you can pre-order it! Go get it now right here: https://getgoodwithmoney.com/ (50:13)

And we’re back to answering your questions this week. We’ve got some great ones:

  • 32:29 – How does Tiffany take apple cider vinegar and why?
  • 34:09 – My job just promoted me without giving me a pay raise. They said this was the position I was meant to have all along, but I never signed anything saying that. I’m not in a position to quit right now. Help!
  • 40:08 – I have two 401ks from previous companies. Should I roll them over during the current economy, or should I leave them where they are? Also my company doesn’t have a match. Any suggestions for making the best of this?

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