Before we do anything else, we want to let you know we’re standing in solidarity our AAPI community in Atlanta and all of the US after the tragedy that happened there last week. This epidemic of violence against our AAPI siblings has to stop. Check this link to see how you can help.

Other things happening this week:

  • Chris Hogan, of DR fame resigns after failing to live up to their “righteous living” policy (17:35)
  • Kylie Jenner asks people to crowdfund for her makeup artist’s brain surgery (20:23)

And then, of course, your questions!

  • The woman whose mortgage question had us STUMPED (30:52)
  • A listener wrote in to share a major debt win (37:24)
  • I gave a lower salary range than I should have for a prospective job, should I go back with a higher number? (41:25)

Don’t forget we have a new way for you to send your questions, call or text: 844-858-8080

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