Happy BA Wednesday, fam! It’s book release week for Tiff, and we’re talking all about the concept of financial wholeness (12:55). Mandi even took the quiz, and we’ll discuss her results. 

We’d love to see you take it too. Head to ggwmoneyquiz.com and take the Financial Wholeness Quiz, then share your results on IG and tag us with the hashtag #ggwmoney.

Other topics this week include:

  • Should you worry about identity theft with a custodial brokerage account? (49:17)
  • Should you drain your savings to pay off debt? (even if its a birthday present you totally deserve!) (53:05)
  • A hard break for Georgia’s new voting restrictions (1:00:13)
  • A boot for an IG account we love (1:02:30)

It was so fun hearing from you all this week! Call and text us your questions for next week at 844-858-8080.

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