Hey BA Fam – Mandra here! We’ve got some incredible guests lined up for you this June while Tiffany is on a much-needed vacation. We’re kicking off the summer cohost series with Chris Browning from the Popcorn Finance podcast next Wednesday June 9th! Chris basically invented the perfect snackable money podcast with his show, which was recently featured on a list of great podcasts from none other than the New York Times. Not too shabby!

This week, we’ve got a little something special for you. 

We’ve recorded dozens of episodes of this podcast but if we had to choose our favorite episode ever, it could very well be this conversation we had with Christina and Amon of Our Rich Journey.

Christina and Amon are former government employees and parents of two who used savvy investing strategies and a whole lot of hustle to retire before age 40…in PORTUGAL. Now they help other people pursue FIRE (Financial Independence, Early Retirement) on their YouTube channel, Our Rich Journey


They get super candid with us on the show, revealing just how much they squirreled away before they determined they had enough in the bank to retire forever. 

But beyond the dollars and cents, what left the biggest impression on us had to be the insanely palpable waves of joy they exuded. It was seriously contagious. It sent Tiffany on her own journey to find joy in her business and success and helped me get back in touch with that 22 year old girl I used to be — the one who turned down a job to travel internationally. She’s someone I didn’t know I was still “allowed” to be in my 30s until I spoke with Christina and Amon. Suddenly, I remembered what all my hard work and passion for saving and investing has been for — my own ticket not just to wealth but my own version of a truly rich and fulfilled life. 

Alright, that’s enough preamble! Here’s our conversation with Christina and Amon. 


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