Ep. 175 — The College Graduation Gift Heard ‘Round the World

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Ep. 174 — When That Clever Tweet Could Cost You Your Job

On today’s show:

-#EatingBreakfastWhileBlack is now a thing, thanks to one woman who took it upon herself to Twitter shame a D.C. transit worker for eating her breakfast en route to her next shift.
-Fresh Off the Boat actress Constance Wu got dragged for some poorly timed/thought out tweets about her show’s success
-What the Trump/China trade war means for your wallet

And we take YOUR questions from Instagram on investing in real estate property.

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Ep. 173 — When Money Issues Threaten Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we have a message for those of you struggling with financial stress….IT GETS BETTER.

On today’s show, we’ll talk about ways we’ve coped with financial hardships in our past and present.

As mentioned on the show:

Mushroom suits — the affordable burial alternative (BBC)
Roth IRA vs 529 plan for kid college savings (TaxSlayer)
The best place to stash your emergency fund (MagnifyMoney)

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Ep. 172 — Getting Married With Six Figure Debt

On today’s show, we have a truly inspiring story to share. Leo and Faith were about to get married when they attended pre-marital counseling at their church. It was then that they were encouraged to sit down and get honest about the finances and their goals as they started a family together. In total, they carried over $211,000 worth of debt — a combination of both student loans and credit card debt.

Rather than give up, they rallied and made a plan to aggressively tackle their debt in the summer of 2017. Faith, a nurse practitioner, took on a part-time job working overnight 5 or 6 days a week. Leo, an occupational therapist, also worked a part-time job in addition to his 9 to 5.

In a little over a year, they successfully paid down $100,000.

They share their story on today’s show. Tune in and hit us up on Twitter or Instagram let us know what you think about their story!

**This episode originally aired June 13, 2018**

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Ep. 171 — “So Money” Podcast Host Farnoosh Torabi on How She Juggles Family and Her Financial Empire

We’re thrilled to FINALLY welcome Farnoosh Torabi to the show. She’s the brilliant mind and cohost behind the So Money Podcast, author of several books on financial empowerment books and a forever entrepreneur who’s launching a new venture this spring (and, oh yeah — a mom of two!).

That new venture is called Stacks House, a “pop-up with a purpose” that seeks to empower women to take their finances by the horns and start building wealth.

Farnoosh gets real about how motherhood helped her double her income as an entrepreneur and how she manages the daily grind of work and raising two kids under the age of five.

As mentioned on the show, check out Farnoosh’s recent column on Refinery29: “This Is The Secret To Being A Successful Working Mom”.

Note to listeners: We had a slight issue with our audio this week, so apologies in advance for one or two small areas where you’ll hear an echo. 

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