Ep 263 – Dreams Are Free

Happy BA Wednesday! Let’s talk about mindset. It’s not the solution for everything, but it can make SUCH a difference in your life. This week we cover:

  • Why dreaming big and working big aren’t the same thing (11:32)
  • An activity you can use to dream big and shift your mindset (19:50)
  • What Sesame Street can teach us about mindset (28:37)
  • What’s the mindset difference between a millionaire and a billionaire (35:05)

Then we’ll get to your questions about debt versus savings (42:55) and how to find a competent and trustworthy financial advisor 49:50).

Come hang out with us April 28th with The 19th* at 1pm Eastern. They’ve invited us to go live with them to answer questions about managing finances in a pandemic. You can send in questions here, and register to join us here. We’ll see you there!

Don’t forget you can call/text us your questions for Brown Ambition at 844-858-8080. And as always you can DM us on Insta @brownambitionpodcast or email us at brownambitionpodcast@gmail.com.

Check out the links below for more:

The Get Good With Money Toolkit

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Fee Only Network

XY Planning Network

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This 12-year-old prodigy is heading off to college. She aspires to be a NASA scientist

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Ep 262 – Your Magic Wand is Working

We know last week was rough. But we decided we’re not going to dwell on Black trauma this week. This week we’re going to talk about

  • Mandi’s Zen Den makeover (2:55)
  • Tiff’s newest wisdom from Dr. Greene (5:27)
  • Should you take advantage of your employer’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan? (19:50)
  • And where’s best to park your home downpayment savings (26:35)

Don’t forget you can call/text your questions to: 844-858-8080

And if your question is longer or more complicated, you can still hit us up on IG @brownambition podcast or email brownambitionpodcast@gmail.com

Check out the links below for more:

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

You can and should still buy Tiffany’s book if you haven’t!

Economist who says racism costs the U.S. $16 trillion explains the math

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Ep 261 – Do Less, Be More

We got a New York Times best seller, fam! Get Good With Money is on a whole bunch of best seller lists and we couldn’t be more proud. This week we spend some time talking about what it means for Tiff (1:22), what it takes to actually get on a best seller list (9:20), and maybe most importantly, what Tiff plans to do for REST (16:45).

And after our amazing interview last week, we’re back to answering your questions, like:

  • I over contributed to my 401k, can I pull some of that money out to pay down some debt? (25:22)
  • My career and family life are getting really hard to juggle, should I take a different job? (34:40)

Don’t forget you can text/call with your questions at 844-858-8080 (try to keep your messages under 1 minute please!)

But you can always hit us up the old fashioned way too, on Insta @brownambitionpodcast or via email at brownambitionpodcast@gmail.com

Check out the links below for more:

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The Butter Bar Skin Care

How Credit Card Balance Transfers Work

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Ep 260 – How Do You Earn Your Leisure? (w/special guests Troy and Rashad from Earn Your Leisure and Ian from Market Mondays)

Hey BA fam! We’re excited to bring you a very special interview this week. We had the joy and privilege of talking to Troy and Rashad from the podcast Earn Your Leisure! Also making a special appearance is Ian Dunlap from the Market Mondays podcast.

We got so much wisdom and inspiration from them. Things like:

  • How to use an economic downturn to your advantage (37:00)
  • Why it’s important to build a foundation before you can seize on a “moment” (42:15)
  • Turning a podcast into a network, then into a platform (53:25)
  • What does “leisure” actually mean? (1:09:25)

It was so great having these gents on the show. We’re sure you already know who they are. But if you don’t, now’s the time to get familiar! Check out Earn Your Leisure and Market Mondays and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Check out the links below for more:

Get Good With Money Virtual Summit

Buy Get Good With Money

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Ep 259 – How to (Finally!) Get Good With Money

Happy BA Wednesday, fam! It’s book release week for Tiff, and we’re talking all about the concept of financial wholeness (12:55). Mandi even took the quiz, and we’ll discuss her results. 

We’d love to see you take it too. Head to ggwmoneyquiz.com and take the Financial Wholeness Quiz, then share your results on IG and tag us with the hashtag #ggwmoney.

Other topics this week include:

  • Should you worry about identity theft with a custodial brokerage account? (49:17)
  • Should you drain your savings to pay off debt? (even if its a birthday present you totally deserve!) (53:05)
  • A hard break for Georgia’s new voting restrictions (1:00:13)
  • A boot for an IG account we love (1:02:30)

It was so fun hearing from you all this week! Call and text us your questions for next week at 844-858-8080.

Check out the links below for more:

Buy Tiffany’s book – Get Good with Money


Shopping for a New Car? Use the 20/4/10 Rule

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