Ep. 119 — What Does Student Loan Forgiveness Really Mean? (And other questions you’ve been asking!)

Today’s show is all about YOU, our lovely listeners. We’re shaking up our mail bag and answering your burning money and career questions. 

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We’re having a special guest soon to talk about ALL the documents you should have in order before you die…a will? Power of Attorney? What does that even mean anyway? We’ve got you covered. Send us your estate planning Qs and we’ll select a few to discuss on the show!

Here are a few resources we mentioned on today’s show: 

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Ep. 118 — The One Thing You Should Never Do on a Job Application

A packed show, per usual!

First up, we have some REAL TALK about insurance. It’s that thing we all know we need but don’t really talk about it until it’s too late. We’ll explain the basics of life insurance and offer tips on how to shop and compare policies. The site mentioned on the show is Policygenius.com, which you can use to shop and compare policies.

We also take a listener question about keeping credit cards at a $0 balance. Have a Q you want answered? Hit us up at brownambitonpodcast.com.

Other topics on today’s show: 

  • Looking for a job? Tune in to hear Mandi’s warning for job candidates who aren’t 100% truthful on their job applications. 
  • #OscarsSoWOKE
  • Happy Independence day Ghana! Here’s another excuse to read Mandi’s favorite book of the year ? Homegoing by Ghanian-American novelist Yaa Gyasi. 

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Ep. 117 — Housing updates; How to Save for Retirement in Your 50s

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Ep. 116 — Wakanda Forever

Do you know someone with an inspiring money or career story who would be a good guest for the show? Hit us up at browmabitionpodcast@gmail.com

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

On today’s show:

  • Black Panther won the weekend and we are still processing y’all. 
  • We take a listener’s question about dealing with a collection bill after a hospital visit
  • Shoutout to the kids of Parkland, FL who are rallying together to call for more gun control 
  • Mandi reveals the project management tool she can’t live without (Spoiler alert: it’s called Trello!)


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Ep. 115 — Is This the Worst Time Ever to Buy a House?

Thanks to everyone who’s completed our listener survey! There’s still time for you to take it here: https://goo.gl/forms/0nM2A9rv7JMDLKA63

On today’s show: 

  • We debate the merits of homeownership in today’s housing market. Are we making the biggest mistake ever?  
  • Mandi breaks down “mortgage amortization” and how you can beat the bank by making extra mortgage payments. 
  • We take a listener question from a listener who wants to know if she should worry about renting a car for her younger brothers.
  • Tiffany takes a break from the folks hating on Michelle Obama’s official portrait by Amy Sherald (seriously guys?)

Have a question? Hit us up at brownambitionpodcast.com. 

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