Ep. 199 — Hey Hey Hey 2020!

Happy New Year to everyone. We are so thrilled to be back! On today’s show, we’ll cover:

  • The HUGE Brown Ambition milestone we hit in 2019, thanks to you all
  • Mandi’s life post-baby
  • Tiffany’s big business goals for the new year

And we take your questions:

  • How to find a fee-only financial planner
  • Whether it’s wise to invest with new money earned or money you’ve already saved

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How “The Money Coach” Balances Business, Marriage, and Motherhood

We have a very special show for you today! We are joined by the incomparable Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, who has made it her mission to financially educate and empower the masses ever since launching her personal finance coaching business in 2003.

On today’s show, Lynnette gets candid about building a business about her husband, raising three kids student debt-free, and making her dreams a reality — to create multi-generational wealth that offers her children and their children a boost she didn’t have.

“I’m trying to literally invest in my kids themselves. I’m trying to give them a leg up and do so in a way where not only am I telling them I have a great deal of faith and confidence in them, I’m laying out expectations as well,” she told us in our conversation this week.

Check out Lynnette at her website www.askthemoneycoach.com and on social media @themoneycoach

This episode originally aired April 3, 2019.

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The 2 Documents Everyone Should Have Before They Die

Today on the show we have attorney extraordinaire Art Steele!

Art Steele is a business and estate planning attorney who helps entrepreneurs and families protect what matters most.

She started her career at Skadden Arps in Washington, D.C., then went to work at General Tax Counsel for Discovery Communications.

Art launched her own law firm in 2014 and started the Legal-EASE for Entrepreneurs Podcast in 2016 which empowers minority business owners to tackle the legal needs of their business.

To get Art’s estate planning checklist mentioned on the show text “Willpower” to 44222 (you’ll be prompted to enter your e-mail to download and may receive future emails from Art about estate planning) or you can download the checklist directly from this link. 

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How Short-Term Stock Trading Helped This Woman Ditch Her 9-to-5 Job

Tela Holcomb, is a self-described “mom, wife, six-figure stocks and options trader, 9 to 5 survivor, risk taker and freedom catcher.”

But she wasn’t always a stock trading wiz. It wasn’t until Tela lost her job in 2012 that she decided to dive into learning all she could about the stock market.

Today, Tela supports herself on income she earns from a combination of short-term stock trading and long-term investing and saving, as well as income earned from teaching online courses on how to trade. She joins Brown Ambition today to offer tips* for beginner investors looking to get into the market — and gets real about what it really means to trade, day trade and invest (yep! they are all different). We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly side of the market and how you can avoid common pitfalls.

If you’re looking to start learning more about stock trading, check out Tela’s free online course: telaholcomb.com/theexchange.

This episode originally aired Oct. 18, 2018.

*Disclaimer: Any conversations on our show about investing and investing strategies shouldn’t be taken as investment advice. This is strictly for education purposes and if we mention companies or specific strategies, it’s not a recommendation but rather an example.

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Ep. 198 — How Tiffany Made Her First $1 Million as The Budgetnista

On today’s show, Tiffany opens up about the revenue streams that make up The Budgetnista’s seven-figure business. How does an influencer really make money anyway?

At this point, The Budgetnista’s origin story is pretty legendary. When Tiffany lost her job after the 2008 recession, she started The Budgetnista, a financial coaching business, while living on her sister’s couch and piecing her own financial life back together.

Through word-of-mouth she got new clients looking for help getting their budgets on track but there was just one problem — she often felt too guilty to charge them money for her services, knowing they were already struggling financially.

“I wanted to help as many people as possible without being a financial burden on them,” she says on today’s episode.

Starting a business without wanting to charge fees wasn’t exactly the most obvious business choice, but she was determined to find a way to make it work. 

A decade later, The Budgetnista is now a multi-seven-figure business, despite Tiffany’s mission to continue giving value away to her community for free and to never to charge the people who need help the most more than they can afford.

“I took the long meandering route to entrepreneurship and I took the route of building trust, building community and the truth is now 10 years in … It still blows me away [that I’ve been successful.]” 

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