Ep. 124 — Enduring the Unimaginable: CNBC’s Sharon Epperson On Surviving a Life-Threatening Brain Aneurysm

In September 2016, Sharon Epperson was at the gym when she felt a relentless, migraine-like pain shoot through her head and neck. One S.O.S. call to her husband and several hours in the hospital later, she learned she was one of 30,000 people in the U.S. who suffer a brain aneurysm rupture each year. Two in five die instantly and African Americans are twice as likely as white people to suffer from one.

Sharon, who is the senior personal finance correspondent at CNBC, was one of the lucky ones. On today’s show, she calls the experience one of the great blessings of her life and shares her story with Mandi, including:

Her early days in rehabilitation when she had to relearn everyday tasks.

“That road had so much pain on it. There were people in those rooms who I know probably wouldn’t make it…I remember thinking I just have to look at the door straight ahead. If I look in these rooms I’m going to fall down.”

What it was like to return the air at CNBC after 13 months of rehabilitation.

“I am recovered in that I can do that job but I’m doing it differently and better than I’ve ever done it before.”

The financial choices she made that protected her family’s finances during her recovery and time off from work.

“There couldn’t have been a rainier day for my rainy day fund. The fact that I had an emergency fund was key. It meant I didn’t have to do what many people may have to do which is dip into a 401(k) or their retirement savings to pay for a medical bill.”  

The key steps Sharon says everyone should take to protect their families if they become disabled

—Build an emergency fund

—Sign up for disability insurance

—Secure a power of attorney

Learn more about brain aneurysm research here: bafound.org

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Ep. 123 — The Best Advice When You’re Feeling Under-Appreciated at Work

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Ep. 122 — Business and Estate Planning Attorney Art Steele: The 2 Documents You Need to Have Before You Die

Today on the show we have attorney extraordinaire Art Steele.

Art Steele is a business and estate planning attorney who helps entrepreneurs and families protect what matters most.
She started her career at Skadden Arps in Washington, D.C., then went to work at General Tax Counsel for Discovery Communications.
She started her own law firm in 2014 and started the Legal-EASE for Entrepreneurs Podcast in 2016 which empowers minority business owners to tackle the legal needs of their business.
To get Art’s estate planning checklist mentioned on the show text “Willpower” to 44222 (you’ll be prompted to enter your e-mail to download and may receive future emails from Art about estate planning) or you can download the checklist directly from this link. 
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Ep. 121 — Parental Pressures

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

Today on the show:

  • The parental pressure around baby birthday parties — let’s discuss.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank raised rates again last week….what the heck does that mean for us? Mandi explains.

Today on the show we mentioned the Credit Karma credit score simulator:

And also You Need a Budget is a solid app/budget management tool.

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Ep. 120 — How She Paid off $80,000 Worth of Debt By Age 30

This week, we welcome a very special young entrepreneur who recently reached out to the show to tell us her story of clawing her way out of $80,000 worth of debt. 

Tasha Danielle, 31, is a corporate accountant in Detroit and founder of Financial Garden, LLC, a financial literacy program that partners with Detroit-area businesses and nonprofits to bring financial literacy to public schools. Before she began working with schools, Tasha was like many 20-somethings who graduated at the height of the recession ? mired in student loan debt and already feeling like she was starting her career three steps behind because of her massive debt load. 

Over the years, she overcame a broken engagement, job changes, and took drastic measures to not just maximize her income but minimize her spending to aggressively pay down her debt. 

Tune in to hear how! 



Check out this episode!

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