Ep. 167 — Forget Mentors. Here’s Why You Need a ‘Sponsor’.

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

 On today’s show, we tackle:

Finding a sponsor to take your career next level.
-The motherhood tax and how it impacts women in the workplace
-Apple’s new credit card (worth it or not?)
-Updating your
tax withholdings for 2019 

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Ep. 166 — How Car Debt is Killing Us

Is your car note eating up such a big chunk of your budget that you feel like you’re not able to meet other goals, like saving?  You’re not riding alone. Today on the show, we cover some truly troubling statistics about auto loan debt in America….and can we just say…YIKES, y’all.

If you want to see how much your auto debt is costing you, try out this handy calculator.

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Ep. 165 — The Power in Pissing People Off

This week’s episode is sponsored by Simple Health, which uses technology to provide simple, convenient & affordable care at home — starting with online birth control prescriptions & delivery. Finally, a better way to get birth control is here! Get a $20 discount on a Simple Health prescription at simplehealth.com/brownambition or enter the code BROWNAMBITION at checkout.

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Ep. 164 — Your Burning 2019 Tax Questions: Answered

This episode is sponsored by EveryPlate, America’s Best Value Meal Kit. For 6 free meals across your first 3 weeks and free shipping on your first delivery, go to EveryPlate.com and enter promo code Brownambition6.

Today we’re joined by tax specialist Terrie Chantel, one of Tiffany’s most popular contributors to the Live Richer Academy, to answer your burning questions about filing taxes this year.

Check out Terrie at terriechantel.com!

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Ep. 163 — Budgeting With Bae

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