Ep. 188 — Credit Limit Increases, Equifax Settlement Cash, Shopping for Health Insurance

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

Here are a few links to resources mentioned on today’s show:

Equifax Data Breach Settlement sources



The “Momference”

Tiffany’s new fave vintage shop in NJ

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Ep. 187 — Promote Wealth & Combat Stress by…Walking?

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

On today’s show:

-Tiffany’s weekend at the GirlTrek Stress Protest

-Questions on paying down debt with stocks, and buying a house while a recession looms

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Ep. 186 — When It’s OK to Make the “Wrong” Financial Choices

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Ep. 185 — Is It Time To Prepare for the Next Recession?

We’re BACK after a brief hiatus with a brand new show. You’ve seen the headlines about a pending recession, but is it really time to start preparing? And how could you prepare yourself for the next downturn if you wanted to? We’ve got some tips. 

Also on the show, we tackle some brand new questions from our listeners:

—Should I use a car accident settlement to pay off my loan debt or invest it instead? 

—I’m becoming a stay-at-home mom. Should I cash out my 401(k) when I leave my job?

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Battle of the Sexes w/ Paychecks & Balances’ Marcus and Rich

This is a show years in the making — we finally have our podcast pals Rich and Marcus from Paychecks and Balances on the show! The guys join us to tackle some awkward and controversial questions about money and relationships. Follow Rich and Marcus @paybalances. 

This episode originally aired Oct. 24, 2018.

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