Ep. 154 — Student Loan Forgiveness + Entrepreneur Woes

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Ep. 153 — ‘Deleting’ Bad Credit History Isn’t a Thing

As mentioned on today’s show:

The Best Prepaid Debit Cards via CreditKarma
“Thanksgiving Myths, Legends and Lies: Why Settlers Really Started the Annual Feast”via Fortune
(Thanks for sharing this BA listener @Umwiza on Twitter)

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Ep. 152 — Debt-Free For the First Time In 20 Years

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Ep. 151 — When That Dream Job Might Not Be So Dreamy

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

On today’s show, we take a question from listener who’s torn over a job offer. It’s her dream job but she’d be working for a less than amazing company. What should she do?

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Ep. 150 — Multi-Level Marketing Rants and Credit Card Tips

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

Today’s show is sponsored by Hint water.

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Here are a few links to resources mentioned on the show:

The Ultimate Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness — MagnifyMoney.com
The Best Travel Cards of 2018 — CompareCards.com
What is Multilevel Marketing? — AARP

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