Ep. 140 — Here’s How Much You Should Have Saved by Age 30

On today’s show, we dedicate some time to questions from our listeners.

One listener wants to know how much she should save by age 30. We take her question on the show and actually reveal how much WE saved by age 30 ourselves. Here’s a link to the resource mentioned on the podcast, the JP Morgan Chase Guide to Retirement. The chart that suggests how much to save by different ages is on page 18! Also posting a screenshot below:
how much to save for retirement

Source: JP Morgan Chase

Another listener asks what’s worse — a voluntary car repossession or delinquent payments?

Lastly, we take a question from a listener feeling pressured to have a massive wedding.

Have a question for the show? Email us at brownambitionpodcast@gmail.com.

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Ep. 139 – The Personality Test That Can Totally Change the Way You Work

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

On today’s show:

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Ep. 131 — These Atlanta Newlyweds Paid off $100,000+ of Debt in 12 Months

On today’s show, we have a truly inspiring story to share. Leo and Faith were about to get married when they attended pre-marital counseling at their church. It was then that they were encouraged to sit down and get honest about their finances and their goals as they started a family together. In total, they realized they carried over $211,000 worth of debt — a combination of both student loans and credit card debt.

Rather than give up, they rallied and made a plan to aggressively tackle their debt in the summer of 2017. Faith, a nurse practitioner, took on a part-time job working overnight 5 or 6 days a week. Leo, an occupational therapist, also worked a part-time job in addition to his 9 to 5.

As of May 2018, they successfully paid down $100,000.

They shared their story on today’s show. Tune in and hit us up on Twitter or Instagram let us know what you think about their story!

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Ep. 130 — RIP Kate Spade; Socially Responsible Investing; Our Least Favorite Credit Card

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

Today on the show, we share some messages from our listeners on Twitter and the ‘gram. Hit us up @theBApodcastor @brownambitionpodcast to share your thoughts on this week’s episode, give us a shoutout or ask a question.

One of our listeners has a question about a credit card she realizes might not have been the best choice for her…and yikes. It definitely makes our list of our least favorite credit cards. As mentioned on the show, check out this guide to the Best Credit Cards and the Best Credit Cards for Students, each curated by the team at MagnifyMoney.

Also on the show today:

  • Options for financing a home improvement project
  • Socially responsible investing tips
  • The awful news that Kate Spade committed suicide rocked us both and reminded us of the importance of leaning on others when we are facing hard times and prioritizing our mental health. The National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. As mentioned, here’s the spreadsheet Tiffany’s Dream Catchers Facebook group has crowdsourced with therapists across the country.
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Ep. 129 — ‘Roseanne’ Shenanigans and Gayle Jennings O’Bryne, Founder of iNTENT Manifesto

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! We are BACK with an amazing guest on today’s show — Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne, founder and CEO of iNTENT Manifesto, a new movement aimed at helping women of color-led startups find investors for their businesses.

“I had to set my own rules. I remember when I told people I want to unlock $1 billion for black women and women of color. People looked at me like I was crazy but they said OK what do I need to do to help you? ”

We talk to Gayle about why she left her 17-year career at JP Morgan Chase after a health scare to launch iNTENT and what resources are out there for women looking to start businesses today:

“I just remember thinking, Lord, if I get through this I’m gonna do things differently. And one of those things I said I was gonna do differently was become a champion for women who look like me.”

Sign the manifesto here: https://www.intentmanifesto.com

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