Ep. 152 — Debt-Free For the First Time In 20 Years

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Ep. 151 — When That Dream Job Might Not Be So Dreamy

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

On today’s show, we take a question from listener who’s torn over a job offer. It’s her dream job but she’d be working for a less than amazing company. What should she do?

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Ep. 150 — Multi-Level Marketing Rants and Credit Card Tips

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

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Here are a few links to resources mentioned on the show:

The Ultimate Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness — MagnifyMoney.com
The Best Travel Cards of 2018 — CompareCards.com
What is Multilevel Marketing? — AARP

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Ep. 149 — Coping With Financial FOMO

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Ep. 148 — Battle of the Sexes with Paychecks & Balances

This is a show years in the making — we finally have our podcast pals Rich and Marcus from Paychecks and Balances on the show! The guys join us to tackle some awkward and controversial questions about money and relationships.

Follow Rich and Marcus @paybalances.

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