Ep. 100 — How to Invest Beyond Your 401(k)

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On today’s show, we talk about the sneaky little secret Mandi has been keeping. She’s a cash hoarder! And it’s finally time to start thinking beyond the basic savings account and 401(k) and exploring other ways to invest, which we’ll cover on today’s show. 

Also, we take questions from two listeners. One wants to know if Acorns is really a good app for investing and another wants to know if she should remove herself as an authorized user on her husband’s credit card. 

Note: Sorry in advance for the spotty audio. We use Skype and the company experienced serious service issues the night we recorded. 

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Ep. 101 — The Truth About All Those Free Credit Scores

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!

On today’s show…

We take some of your burning credit card questions and reveal the little known truth about those free credit scores that so many sites and credit cards offer these days.

As promised, here’s the MagnifyMoney guide to getting your free credit score > 

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Ep. 99 — The Courage to Speak Up

Watching the latest sexual harassment bombshell unfold, this time in the face of media mogul Harvey Weinstein, has been another opportunity to reflect on the enormous courage it takes to speak up and speak out against harassment.

We also cover Jemele Hill’s recent suspension* by ESPN and the Dove Ad that is stirring up controversy.

Today’s questions both pertain to the murky world of secured credit cards.

Please hit us up at brownambitionpodcast.com. if you have a question for the show.

One more episode till 100!!!!

*Correction: Our bad. Jemele Hill was not fired but rather suspended. We’ve corrected our show notes.

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Ep. 98 — Pumpkin Spice and Nothing Nice

Our hearts are with the victims of the senseless attack in Las Vegas, as well as our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico still struggling in the wake of hurricane Maria.

We talk a bit about these tragedies on today’s show and wanted to point out some ways you can help if you’re feeling so moved: 

GoFundMe has a dedicated page for Las Vegas shooting-related fundraisers: https://www.gofundme.com/raise-funds/las-vegas-shooting

You can also show solidarity like the hundreds who stood in line for hours to donate blood this week by signing up to donate blood wherever you live: http://www.redcross.org/give-blood


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Ep. 97 — When Past Debts Come Back to Haunt You

It’s a packed show, per usual! 

We address the NFL/Trump drama, cover an unexpected bump in the road for Tiffany and Superman’s home purchase, and talk about the pros and cons of cooking in bulk (Hey – it’s not for everyone).

We also address a pretty uncomfortable but important topic — how do you ask your parents if they’re prepared financially as they age? From writing a will to designating a power of attorney, these are the important and awkward things we should all be talking about with family as we get older. 


Today’s question is from listener Tiyana.

She asks: Can I rebuild my credit with a secured card? 

Check out this guide on secured cards and how they can help you improve our credit. And tune in to hear our full answer on the show!

We also talk about Self Lender, a new type of online loan that lets you build credit. Is it worth it? We’ll cover on the show. Check out this review of Self Lender on MagnifyMoney.


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