Ep. 81 — Tattooed Heart

Our hearts are with the families and victims of last night’s attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. 

Spread a little love in the world today, BA fam ? we could all use some!

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Ep. 80 — Saving on medical expenses, refinancing student debt + busting the myth about balance

As mentioned on the show, check out these helpful resources to find about more about student loan refi options: 


Loan consolidation vs. refinancing 


Curious about opening an FSA? Check out these explainers. 

What’s an FSA? – Healthcare.gov

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Ep. 79 — Sh– Pie

We’re back! 

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Yours in brown ambition,

Mandi & Tiffany

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Ep. 78 — The Honeymoon’s Over, We are Debunking Co-Signing Myths, Plus Blavity.com’s Morgan DeBaun is Back on the Show!

Thanks for letting us take a mini hiatus, BA Fam!

We are back with a packed show. So. Much. Has. Happened!

Serena’s preggo?

Bill O’Reilly is out of a job? 

Shea Moisture lost their damn minds? 

We cover it all.

And today’s reader question comes from D: Was I right to tell my sister I wouldn’t co-sign her mortgage?

Then, don’t miss our interview with Blavity.com co-founder Morgan DeBaun, who’s talking all about her new lifestyle brand 21ninety.com and how she’s working to help other women — including herself — take better care of themselves both at work and at home. 



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Ep. 77 — How TIffany Went From $300k In Debt and a Foreclosure to Running a Six-Figure Business

This is our last episode before we take a brief hiatus so that Mandi can enjoy her honeymoon!

We will be back the week of May 8 with a brand new episode!

In the meantime, we are going out with a bang. 

On this episode, we’re cleaning out our inbox and answering some of your burning questions: 

1. How did Tiffany really build her six-figure business? She is opening up and telling us the REAL truth — the ugly truth — about entrepreneurship. 

2. What do I do if I’m not happy with my employer’s 401(k) options?

3. How am I supposed to balance work, life, relationships and health? 


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