Ep. 74 —Sometimes You Gotta Know When to Stop Saving

Is it possible to save TOO much? And should you quit your job if you’ve got a shot at getting your student loans forgiven if you stick it out?

We’re answering your questions today on BA. If you have a question on life, money or career, hit us up at brownambitionpodcast.com. 

But first… we recap the movie “Get Out” that has EVERYONE talking *Major spoiler alert — skip ahead if you haven’t seen it yet!).

We talk about the mind tricks money can play on us… and when it’s sometimes not such a good thing to be cheap all the time. 


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Ep. 73 — Is This Real Life?

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Ep. 72 — #OscarsSoWhoops

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Ep. Adventures in House Hunting

On today’s show, an EXCITING update on Tiffany’s real estate adventure.

-How she found her dream home (and what she’s doing to make sure the deal goes through!)
-The strategy she’s using to become a homeowner once again after facing a foreclosure during the recession 

If you’re a first time homebuyer, check out this guide Mandi mentioned on today’s show: 

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Ep. 69 — So about that student loan refund check…

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