Ep 276 – Its About More Than 700k Though

This week you can read about Mandi in an article on Grow about how she increased her net worth from 70k to 700k in 5 years (3:00). Its about more than just the numbers though. Listen in this week to hear more about it. Other things we talk about this week include:

  • Friendship Breakups (8:50)
  • The power of expanding your ability instead of your capacity (15:04)
  • And we’ll talk a little a about the child tax credit checks people started to get this week (26:25)

We’ll see you Friday for BA QA! In the meantime, as always, hit us up with your questions @brownambitionpodcast on IG and through email at BrownAmbitionPodcast@gmail.com

Check out the links below for more:

I grew my net worth from $70,000 to $700,000 in 5 years: Here is my best wealth-building advice

The Child Tax Credit

Tiffany’s Mahogany Books Signing Event

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BA Q and A: Should I Take A Contract Job at Almost Double the Salary?

We got your Q and A for you today, and we’ve got two great listener questions.

  • If you get offered a contract job that’s almost double your current salary, do you take it? (1:23)
  • If I’m looking out of state for jobs, how do I know what salary is fair? (6:22)

Keep sending all your great questions to brownambitionpodcast@gmail.com or hit us up on IG @brownambitionpodcast. See you next week!

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Ep 275 – The Magical Mythical White Man

Happy BA Wednesday! This week Tiffany tells us all about why she’s taking a social media break (22:03). And it might not be the reason you think. We’ll also talk about

  • The value of normalizing things like IVF (2:05)
  • Why “negotiate like a white man” is AWFUL advice (29:50)
  • What’s the next step with a coach or therapist after you’ve met your goals? (9:20)

Stay tuned Friday for the Q and A episode. And check out the link below if you want to apply for some free career coaching with Mandi:


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Ep 274 – From 70k to 700k


We had a great time with our guest co-hosts and we’re so very grateful. But we missed our Tiff and she’s BACK. We’ll get to hear all about how she spent her time off, and we’ll hear about how Mandi took some time for herself too. As much as we love talking about work, career, and money, you all know we’re big fans of taking time for rest too. 

But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to business at all. 

Mandi recently decided to strike out on her own entrepreneurial journey, and we’ll talk about why she did that (19:58), and the value of figuring out the work you’re truly meant to do (18:40). 

We’ve got some big things on the horizon, and we can’t wait to bring you all along.

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Ep 273 – Summer Guest Series Greatest Hits

We made it y’all. And I can’t thank my guest cohosts enough for joining me and holding my hand through this period of separation. Chris Browning of Popcorn Finance, Berna Anat from Hey Berna, Jamila Souffrant from Journey to launch and lastly Jannesse Torres-Rodriguez from yo Quiero Dinero. I had a blast getting to know y’all better and feel like I’ve got four new financial besties already.. 

This reference is strictly for the millennials so Boomers and Gen Z, sorry not sorry. Remember those old episodes of Saved By The Bell where they meet up at The Max and they reminisce about the school year and look longingly at nothing in particular in the distance and then the screen goes all squiggly and you realize it’s one of THOSE episodes….a recap of some of the best moments from the past? 

Well here we go Bayside Tigers — oh I mean BA Fam — I am about to walk down memory lane and replay some of the most memorable moments from our summer cohost series…

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