Ep. 170 — When Paying Off Your Mortgage Doesn’t…

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday…and welcome back Tiffany!

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On today’s show, we cover:

-The repercussions of cosigning for a friend’s student loan (or any loan for that matter)
-Why using your extra cash to pay down your mortgage might not be the best idea, contrary to belief. 
-The worst things you can do during a job interview

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Ep. 181 — The Crushing Cost of Childcare

We asked our listeners to share their childcare cost stories, and you did not hold back! On today’s show, we dive into the reader mailbag to hear from listeners spending tens of thousands of dollars per year on childcare.

We also take questions from listener Scott, who wants to know if using a credit repair firm “piggybacking” technique can rescue his credit and Ashley who wants to know if investing in one type of mutual fund is enough.

As mentioned on today’s show:

How to Repair Your Credit Yourself
Tiffany’s course on investing ft Ellevest

Remember, we are happy to take questions and share what we know, but we are not investing experts nor are we certified financial planners. Always consult a professional if you’re looking to make a big financial decision. 

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Ep. 180 — When You Earn Six Figures and You’re Still Feel Broke AF

On today’s show, we recap a recent study that looked at places in the U.S. where families can earn six figures incomes and STILL feel broke. The struggle is real, y’all. 

Increasingly, childcare is becoming one of the largest expenses for families. We want to hear your childcare stories … how are you making it work? Do you pay for a full-time nanny? Rely on relatives to help? Spring for the fancy daycare? We want to know what it takes for working parents to make childcare work in the U.S. today.

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Ep. 179 — Big Moves, Student Debt Mistakes and Car Lease Traps

Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!
On today’s show:

-Tiffany makes a big move
-We tackle how to get out of a car lease
-We share a story that’s baffling — college grads spending thousands on a game that could pay off their student debt (if they’re lucky)

As mentioned on the show:

How to Get Out of a Car Lease (LendingTree)

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Ep. 177 — How We Really Feel About Dave Ramsey’s Anti-Credit Card Policy

On today’s show, we tackle a ton of hot topics, including taking your questions on:

-The best side hustles for folks who are time-challenged
-How we really feel about using credit cards (and Dave Ramsey’s long-standing rule against plastic)
-How the bro-iness of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement misses the mark with women of color (NY Times)

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Ep. 176 — Classic Brown Ambition

On Today’s Episode

Just Tiffany & I being brown and ambitious.

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