Ep 245 – Should I Invest My Wedding Fund?

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We made it past Thanksgiving! We got our Zoom on and did what we could to spend time with our families and stay safe. We’re trying to finish this holiday season safe and get ready for this vaccine that will hopefully be coming soon. In the meantime we’re so excited to hear that a lot of you are taking charge of your mental health by reaching out to our friend Stephanie over at NaviPsych (not a sponsor, we just love her) or otherwise getting into therapy, and we want to send our love to all of you. Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons!

We’ve got some great questions this week like:

  • (21:20) – I have 10k saved for my wedding, but I don’t think we’ll get married for awhile, where should I store this money?
  • (28:50) – Neither of my parents have life insurance or health insurance, and they don’t have any money set aside for retirement. I’m probably going to end up responsible for their care when they can’t work anymore. How can I convince them to start saving?

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Ep 243 – Can I Save When It Doesn’t Seem Like There’s Enough?

We’re still out of breath from the election, but we are breathing a little easier. But Covid-19 is on the rise again and the holidays are coming up. It’s going to be a hard year for family gatherings (or lack thereof). We hope you stay safe and give yourself some time off if you can. But we still need to find time to celebrate the good things. And one super good thing we can celebrate is Tiff released the cover for her book, Get Good With Money (2:15)! The book is coming in March 2021. But in the meantime you take the financial wholeness quiz to see how close you are to being financially whole.

We’ve got some great questions for you this week like:

  • (25:00) I’m just having a lot of trouble saving money. Is it actually possible for me to save money when there just doesn’t seem to be enough?
  • (31:20) I own a home that’s in need of a LOT of work. I took a home equity loan for the repairs. I haven’t spent the money yet because of the pandemic. Should I hold onto that money or go ahead with the repairs?

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Ep 242- Black Magic Everywhere

It’s over! And we’re breathing, at least a little. We made it y’all. It’s been along four years, but Black folks (Black women specifically) pulled through and helped take this thing over the top for us. We hope wherever you are, you’re able to relax and release some tension. But work is NOT over! There are two really important runoff elections happening in Georgia (16:20). These elections will help determine control of the Senate, and that could make a HUGE difference for what the next two years (at least) look like. Here’s a great article describing how you can help even if you don’t live in Georgia. Let’s WORK.

And we’ve got some great questions from you guys this week too:

(38:54) I’ve got 40k in the stock market, should I pull some of that money out for a down payment on a house?
(46:28) Yesterday I was fired from my new job. I experienced so much hate from the white women in the office, I think because of the election. Do you know anywhere I can go work and feel safe as a black woman?

For further reading, check out:




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Ep 241 – Trouble Don’t Last Always

Election day is over. All that’s left is for us to send some love to our future selves and hope things haven’t gotten too wild. We’re trying to focus on what’s good. Like the fact that 115 BIPOC women are running for election this year! (8:47). And at least we know where people stand. It’s no longer impolite to talk politics, and honestly we’re here for that. Regardless of what happens in the election, let’s take a minute to breathe, then get ready to get back to work. Because there’s much more to do.

In the meantime, we’re here to answer your money questions! This week we’ll talk about:

  • (20:57) I have about $4,300 of credit card debt between two cards with high interest. Is it a good idea to get a personal loan with a lower interest rate to consolidate that debt?
  • (26:20) – I own 4 timeshares, but now I realize they’re a waste of money. Do you have any good advice for how I can get out of them?

To learn more, check out these links:

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Don’t forget about our new merch store. Use the promo code BROWNAMBITION15 to get 15% off your BA swag at https://brownambitionstore.com/

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Ep 240 – Put Your Money Mask On

The Election is coming up y’all (and no we’re not going to stop talking about it). Do you have a plan to vote? Do you have a plan B? Check out iwillvote.com to make sure you’re registered, find ballot drop off locations, and get all the voting information you need. Let’s DO this.

And not to flex, but Tiff was on Good Morning America last week (1:00:38). Its a great segment where she gets to share her story, some basic budgeting tips, and celebrate the HUGE positive impact she’s had for Black and Brown women all over the country. Check it out here.

The questions we cover this week are pretty great too. We’ll cover:

  • (32:36) – what’s the best retirement account for someone who’s only a few years away from retirement?
  • (41:20) – Because of covid, I’ve gotten generous refunds on stipends from my school, what should I do with this extra money sitting in my savings?

To read and learn more, check out the links below:

The Noodle Budget

Roth IRAs

Higher Heights Leadership Fund

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