We’re thrilled to FINALLY welcome Farnoosh Torabi to the show. She’s the brilliant mind and cohost behind the So Money Podcast, author of several books on financial empowerment books and a forever entrepreneur who’s launching a new venture this spring (and, oh yeah — a mom of two!).

That new venture is called Stacks House, a “pop-up with a purpose” that seeks to empower women to take their finances by the horns and start building wealth.

Farnoosh gets real about how motherhood helped her double her income as an entrepreneur and how she manages the daily grind of work and raising two kids under the age of five.

As mentioned on the show, check out Farnoosh’s recent column on Refinery29: “This Is The Secret To Being A Successful Working Mom”.

Note to listeners: We had a slight issue with our audio this week, so apologies in advance for one or two small areas where you’ll hear an echo.