It’s over! And we’re breathing, at least a little. We made it y’all. It’s been along four years, but Black folks (Black women specifically) pulled through and helped take this thing over the top for us. We hope wherever you are, you’re able to relax and release some tension. But work is NOT over! There are two really important runoff elections happening in Georgia (16:20). These elections will help determine control of the Senate, and that could make a HUGE difference for what the next two years (at least) look like. Here’s a great article describing how you can help even if you don’t live in Georgia. Let’s WORK.

And we’ve got some great questions from you guys this week too:

(38:54) I’ve got 40k in the stock market, should I pull some of that money out for a down payment on a house?
(46:28) Yesterday I was fired from my new job. I experienced so much hate from the white women in the office, I think because of the election. Do you know anywhere I can go work and feel safe as a black woman?

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