Ep. 198 — How Tiffany Made Her First $1 Million as The Budgetnista

Ep. 198 — How Tiffany Made Her First $1 Million as The Budgetnista

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Ep. 198 — How Tiffany Made Her First $1 Million as The Budgetnista

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On today’s show, Tiffany opens up about the revenue streams that make up The Budgetnista’s seven-figure business. How does an influencer really make money anyway?

At this point, The Budgetnista’s origin story is pretty legendary. When Tiffany lost her job after the 2008 recession, she started The Budgetnista, a financial coaching business, while living on her sister’s couch and piecing her own financial life back together.

Through word-of-mouth she got new clients looking for help getting their budgets on track but there was just one problem — she often felt too guilty to charge them money for her services, knowing they were already struggling financially.

“I wanted to help as many people as possible without being a financial burden on them,” she says on today’s episode.

Starting a business without wanting to charge fees wasn’t exactly the most obvious business choice, but she was determined to find a way to make it work.

A decade later, The Budgetnista is now a multi-seven-figure business, despite Tiffany’s mission to continue giving value away to her community for free and to never to charge the people who need help the most more than they can afford.

“I took the long meandering route to entrepreneurship and I took the route of building trust, building community and the truth is now 10 years in … It still blows me away [that I’ve been successful.]”

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