Our self care journeys continue. Sometimes self care is more than a massage or your favorite cocktail. Sometimes it’s therapy. Sometimes it’s sitting in your car by yourself with your favorite drink. Whatever it means for you, we hope you’re taking good care of yourself. The end of the pandemic is in sight, but we still have to get through the holidays and the first part of next year. It’s still going to be hard, and you still deserve to be okay. In the meantime, we’re going to keep bringing you money and career advice. There are some great questions this week like:

  • (26:56) How can I pay off 20k in debt on a fixed income?
  • (34:13) I’m 25 and I’m graduating with 2 masters degree. I received a job offer, but I’m afraid I might’ve asked for too little money. I had a great interview for a promotion with my current employer, and that might offer more money. I’m stressed out over what to do!

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